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Internationally recognized students teach youth about entrepreneurship, and how to prepare for an evolving idea centric economy


2020 Summer Business Bootcamp

Hundreds of students from all around the world joined us for first-ever Summer Business Bootcamp!


We curate a growth mindset

By introducing fundamental development principals early on, we enrich youth of all ages to have an entrepreneurial mindset. That drive to never give up. Jobs today will not exist in the future. Our curriculum equips students with that attitude to change the world. 

Taking Initiative

The ability to take ownership without being asked to, and able to guide oneself independently and self-reliant

Working Together

The power to communicate coherently with a group of people, in order to persuade an audience towards a goal

Being Creative

The capacity to develop thoughts and ideas never before identified, in an effort to solve significant problems

Identifying Risk

Processing potential dangers within a flow, and being able to move forward in face of uncertainty when deemed appropriate

Solving Problems

Computing a range of solutions by going through prior information, and applying it to novel new circumstances 

Recognizing Scope

Viewing every challenge as an opportunity to create a solution, while focusing on learning to skills and knowledge for the task

The Problem is Significant

Schools are not focusing on preparing students to create opportunities in the 21st century 


Students need to be empowered to think themselves and create a future that thrives with curiosity and creativity

Youth Are Unemployed
1 in 3

1 in 3 employers now look for entrepreneurial experience before hiring their candidates to fill an open job position

Testimonials by Our Students and Parents 

I could never be thankful enough to be a part of this wonderful course.
Thank you so much for taking the time to mentor us in your amazingly educational Bootcamp. I learned so much over the course of these last few weeks.
~Srinandhan  Grade 9
I wish I had something like this when I was growing up! 
As a parent, I wanted to let you all know what a wonderful job you all are doing! Keep up the great work.
~Amit Syal  Parent
I learned things that I wouldn't have learned in school.
BDI gave me something to look forward to and be ready for entrepreneurship. BDI was so amazing, fun, and informational.
~Grade 6 Student
They made the hard topics easy to learn, and would always give tips on how to improve things.
As a young student myself, I have learned so much about business and the other topics. To sum it all up, This class was BEST!
~Yadhunandan  Grade 7
The Bootcamp was educational and the teachers were engaging.
I personally loved the summer business camp!
~Nitya Gupta  Grade 7

We offer an extensive online curriculum enhancing entrepreneurial understanding for youth of all ages around the world

Our concepts are broken down and discussed by internationally recognized business students in the Bay Area

Beginner Level

The Essentials

6 Weeks, 15+ Hours of Instruction and Access to Comprehensive Materials
Recommended Prerequisites:  A drive to learn new things

Course Fee


Intermediate Level


6 Weeks, 15+ Hours of Instruction and Access to Comprehensive Materials
Required Prerequisites:  Desire to consolidate learnings and successfully completed The Beginner Level

Course Fee


Advanced Level

Critical Application

6 Weeks, 15+ Hours of Instruction and Access to Comprehensive Materials
Required Prerequisites:  Desire to apply learning to the real world and successfully completed Level Two

Course Fee


Our school affiliated teaching sessions are available for free to our neighborhood in Fremont, California